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March 27, 2013

Set up one of the DL380 G5’s as a POC over the last couple of nights as an iSCSI target on Server 2012. Very easy to do and seemingly quite effective. This looks to be the way I’ll move forward for now on the storage front. I’ve just ordered 4x 300GB HP drives for delivery tomorrow. I’ll run those as a striped set, perhaps introducing a hot spare RAID5 drive later on. The space is more important than resilience right now, and the array drives are going to be new  so not as many worries as these might be. I like this method of doing it, if I get short of space, I can add a P800 RAID card to replace the P400, and rack up an MSA50 shelf for another 10 drive capacity. My lab won’t be under the strain of actual users on a regular basis so I think this might suffice.

On another tip, we’ve seen issues with clusters on Windows Server 2008 R2, in the same way as a lot of people have. Some of them have had hotfixes applied to fix specific cluster errors, and these don’t appear to have cured the problem at face value. From research, it would appear that there are many suggested solutions from disabling services, to applying hotfixes, to changing NIC settings. We’ll be looking into this so I’ll try and report back on what works/doesn’t work for us.


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