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HP Intelligent Provisioning Issue

May 1, 2013

Quick update today, got going with bringing my HP ML350p Gen8 back into service today, and bearing in mind this is pretty new bit of kit, I’m expecting regular updates on firmware/drivers and the like. So, before a reinstall of Windows Server 2012, a snip on this machine, I wanted to run the Intelligent Provisioning and run through a refresh of the firmware.

Pressing F10 on boot brought me to the interface, but choosing to update the IP software (it’s on-chip nowadays, no disc to find and lose, and something that people oddly have an issue with) resulted in a current version of ‘Unknown’. Struck me as odd, but keen to get on with it, I went on with updating what was there. It sat there all night, and hadn’t progressed when I got up. The room was pretty warm too, so guessing it was thrashing away at bugger all 😦

Anyway, quick Google, and I found the exact problem, HP advisory :


Document ID: c03555418

Version: 1

Advisory: HP Intelligent Provisioning (HP IP) – HP IP 1.10 and 1.11 Displays Installed Intelligent Provisioning Version as “Unknown”

There are generally A LOT of advisories for all sorts of common and very bizarre one-off issues. I was advised by the HP guys that there’s a regular download available, around 35GB that’s basically a big knowledge-base for HP hardware and software issues. There’s also walkthroughs for replacing parts, the name escapes me now, and none of them are at their desks, but having been shown it, it’s worthwhile knowledge. Will post back when my mind is refreshed.

***EDIT*** – The advisory noted above is still perfectly valid but please note the link for IP Recovery image points to a v1.00 version, which won’t update. See the next post for further info on this.


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