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Intelligent Provisioning (further…)

May 2, 2013

Before I relate the woes of IP last night, I’ll point out I could have saved myself some time recently by reading this : It seems a flat non-SmartStart assisted install of Server 2012 is quite valid, even on pre-Gen8 and G7 hardware, using some of the additional tools from HP. I’ll be trying this tonight. I didn’t have time last night because….

I spent most of the evening battling with IP. The process is straight forward, I had an issues, a simple Google found an advisory, I ran through the advisory, and still had issues. Perhaps it was me missing a detail but the link HP provide in the advisory points to a very early version of IP Recovery. Version 1.00 to be be exact. This installed fine, and on reboot and back into F10, I was prompted to configure IP again. All seemed good. Except that I was prompted to update IP again to the later version, 1.40(A). I selected this, and it ran through appearing to flash the chip and reboot, however, on going back into F10 again, I was prompted to perform the same upgrade. An amount of time later, I went off to find the IP Recovery image, version 1.40, burned it, flashed and all seems OK now. The main issue with all this was with each reboot and firmware upgrade search, it was taking 15-20 minutes. It takes a long time to do the scan each time, and having to do this many times was a drag. With version I had on there when I came back to the server (unknown, didn’t make a note at the time), and the v1.00 install, it was refusing to update anything. I checked the required upgrades, and set it off, only to receive a small dialog box with nothing but a big red X straight away, which I could click OK to, and then it just sat there churning. Frustrating. It would be good if HP had updated that advisory to reflect the latest version of the recovery image, available after everything on the Drivers And Software page for the server.

With that out of the way, and required upgrades installed this morning, I set it off installing Server 2012 from a burnt DVD using the latest TechNet image, so it would be there to greet me when I got home tonight. No such luck. Another error regarding install.wim not being found and the install cannot continue. Back to it tonight then. Ho hum.


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