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June 9, 2013

Attended a wedding this weekend so not much done. Only kidding, I’ve actually had an amazing weekend, quality time spent with the other half at an amazing venue (Danby Castle nr. Whitby, award-winning wedding venue, check it out), and sort of puts things in perspective. Time away from work and career for a short time is refreshing, and much needed even if you feel guilty about it, let it go and let your hair down for a bit. You come back more able to achieve.

Anyway, made some connections while there so not totally wasted. It can be a really small world sometimes.

On my return, found out that a new book had been delivered, the new 5th edition of o’Reilly’s long-running Active Directory book. I’ve been looking forward to this one nearly as much as Mark Minasi’s Mastering series. Both are quality reads and I’ve had this on pre-order from Amazon for many months now. The delivery date bounced around and a month or so ago ran out to 2014! But all good, have it now, so I’ll be attempting to digest every last detail in there, not easy but the content will be quality. Marks Mastering book should be superb, as its been a long time in the writing, I’m sure the previous editions didn’t come out as far after the OS release as this.

Until next time, for the foreseeable future it’s going to be book and video-fed learning, not the way I like to do it, but the weathers getting warmer and don’t know the best way to aircon the office. Having said that, the fact I have Workstation on my work laptop means I should be able to actively follow through the AD book quite effectively 🙂

On that note, I’m really tempted to start a subscription with either CBT Nuggets or Trainsignal. I’ve watched a lot of their free stuff now and heard good things about their training. It’s always seemed costly to self-fund these courses but now both offer a monthly subscription that would suit me. There’s various payment schedules of course, but the monthly might be best for me.


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