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o’Reilly Active Directory Book

June 10, 2013

I’ve now chance to get through the first couple of chapters (starting at around 05.15 this morning, an ability to sleep properly has a silver-lining), and can honestly say this book is everything I thought it would be. It starts right from the beginning, making it suitable for (keen) newcomers and seasoned pro’s alike, a lot of it has been a mix of revision, new stuff and little nuggets of wisdom. I’d heartily recommend this to anyone who requires/desires an in-depth knowledge of AD, whether fresh and new to Active Directory or looking for the latest updates to this great book (covers 2012 heavily IN ADDITION TO previous Server flavours, and has a lot of the Powershell too, an early chapter stating this is the way things are going so just learn this stuff. 🙂


I’ve also picked the SC VMM Cookbook that was recently released as well as Unified Remote Access by the same publisher : Packt Publishing. In my mind, I was taking a risk with the first one as I’ve not seen this publisher before and anyone who’s spend their hard-earned on IT books will know that it tends to be the books that sound the most promising (Cookbook, Master, Expert Series…) that fail to impress. These are different though, concise and contain some good knowledge. I stand ashamed on the fact that I’ve had Windows Server 2012 : Inside Out for months and not even opened it. This is the Real World…


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