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Progression in IT (and more new kit)

June 10, 2013

Morning All,

Starting to think more and more about how to actually use new and improved knowledge. Perhaps IT is a strange beast, but progression and getting that payrise your skills qualify you for is really difficult. Unless you move to a new company. There’s an aspect of this fact that seems bizarre to me. When you’ve worked at a company for x number of years (replace ‘x’ with chosen pain factor), you not only know where the toilets are and who in HR to ask for the right answer, but you have so much more. You know the procedures that your department in general uses, you have contacts and have made good working relationships, not only internally, but externally with customers. It takes a long time to glean this knowledge and really get ingrained into the company ethos, yet it seems to count for little at higher levels. It seems to get completely missed that IT professionals are not just a unit of resource in the usual sense of the word, new recruits to my area of the business can be technically amazing, yet it still takes many months to become familiar with every other aspect of the job. Customers use software and applications in their own particular ways, and despite knowing a product down to the code, one still has to familiarise themselves with knowing exactly why a customer did this, in this way. Enough now anyways. IT is how IT is 🙂

Some new kit, finally managed to find a pair of rails that had somehow gone missing, for a DL360 G5. Quite how one can lose such potentially lethal lengths of steel amazes me, but then that’s moving house for you. I also picked up another DL380 G5 for a steal, too cheap to refuse, so that racked in too. I really should post a pic or something of the cabinet, it makes me grin every time I see it in a really, really geeky way.

I’m still trying to find another Netgear GSxxxT switch for reasonable money. Hunting around eBay shows that the prices for these can vary wildly. My search criteria has been including  ‘748’ more and more often, for the difference in cost, a higher density makes more sense. It’s not that I’ll need them all but just flexibility to test stuff out on a temporary basis would be useful, I think. I am a fan of the Netgear networking kit, the GUI means someone like me who has limited knowledge of networking (I have enough to do/learn without IOS) can still get quite a complex setup up and running, even if they take a bashing sometimes from ‘proper’ network bods.


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