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A time of change

July 9, 2013

Hmmmm. Soooo……. Anyone working in the sphere of Microsoft-erialism will be aware that they’ve decided, for whatever REAL reason, to stop offering the Technet subscription model. This has been debated it would seem to the point of obsession, and I have to confess, I’m not far behind. I have signed THE petition (thanks Cody 🙂 ), with a healthy chunk of emotion in the other comments box. One of the reasons I have been able to ‘break into’ (get to the bottom of, not reverse engineer or whatever…) their products so comprehensively is the fact that they make it so available to keen geeks like myself. The price of my Technet Professional subscription never crossed my mind. Renewal? Done. No-brainer. The reason it annoys me so much is mirrored across plenty of forums, it’s the short-term nature of the 180-day trial/evaluation versions. I prefer to have a full scale Enterprise operation running, with as many products as I can possibly find in order to poke and prod, and more to the point (as I have recently read regarding the MCSE and Microsoft’s own beta testing lean), seeing how they interoperate and work together. Many of these products are huge (two words, System Center), and to have time to build a full lab takes a long time, especially if you’re not doing it 7.5 hours a day, but in the few hours you grab between dinner and obligatory Big Brother viewing with the other half… What if I realise that I’m missing or want to learn a topic. I put everything else down for a week or more. I might learn that, but in that time, I’ve eroded so much of my 180-day grace that I’m nearly back to square one and rebuilding the whole she-bang.

I will take as a positive that it’s a driver to learn Powershell to automate builds, and the yet again improved feature list of the R2 releases means it should be quicker to build out a decent lab, here I make reference to Aidan Finn yet again, I’ll repeat, his blog is hugely rewarding to read, and should be a firm, firm favourite in anyones list. But I see whilst looking for that link that I knew was there that he’s posted very recently about exactly my point above. The alternatives will not provide the equivalent. End of.

Another entity retiring is Dave Northey ( I’ve been reading his communiques under the ‘Irish IT Professional’ monicker for a while and his enthusiasm is obvious, it brightened my day when his email dropped into an otherwise bland and lifeless work inbox. Let’s hope he remains talkative in some way shape or form.

I did get the CBT Nuggets subscription and I’m very happy with it, a couple of weeks in and I’m over 20 hours thus far. The website itself is quite clever in that you have options to organise content in playlists, and it remebers where you get to in a video, so I might watch the first half of a video on my iPad mini at home and watch the second  half when I get into work early. I just log in to the site and click on the ‘Completed..’ bar and it sets off where I stopped it. Nice. The quantity of knowledge is impressive too, for someone like me who to let information slip past, it’s quite intimidating. I’ve queued up months of courses inside playlists. 😦

The over-riding thought of the month though is that cursed decision on Technet, it’s still nagging me, not annoying me, nagging, I’m concerned how I’m going to really keep up with the tech. I’ll leave it to Mr Finn, and bow to his wisdom, when he sums it up with the following : ‘Without TechNet Subscription I could never have become an MVP.’


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  1. Cody Skidmore permalink

    You’re most welcome. Just wanted to give you a head’s up. The petition exploded around 12 am Sunday EST. It received more than 700 signatures in roughly 24 hours and is steadily climbing toward 4,000. I suspect it will surpass that number before the end of the day.

    Thank you for supporting the petition. It is because of professions like you we’ve seen so much success.


    Cody Skidmore

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