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Been a while…

July 9, 2013


Not updated this blog in too long, put quite simply, I’ve been blasting away at the MCSE : Private Cloud exams. Hard work, been up at 04.00 every weekday to get some hours in before the dayshift. Seems so much to get done, it’s a very wide syllabus, although reports say that it’s very wide, but not very deep. It’s really good stuff to learn, and I’m enjoying it, but I’m still out of reach of getting my home lab running properly. The past few days have been a scorcher, Sunday was unbelievably hot, nearly 30 degrees outside (that’s hot for Yorkshire…), and at those temps, I would have been turning it all off again anyway. Apparently this is the taste of weather to come for the next month, so out of luck on that front. I keep looking back at the £1500 quote to air-con the study and wonder. I’ve looked at all sort of options, another building in the garden specially for the cabinets, but that’s build cost, running enough power to it, it all mounts up. I even Facebook’d an ex-colleague to ask how much his business would charge for the floorspace and power for my kit in athe datacentre they use, and he apologised and said it would be upwards of £900/month. And that’s less than some of our floorspace we rent at work. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap. Dabbling with the idea of bringing the ML350p Gen8 in to work to run under my desk, but I don’t know.

On a positive note, I was over-joyed to see a certain Mr Andy Murray pull off the unbelievable on Sunday. I used to Betfair full-time, and in hindsight, it would have been fascinating to watch the odds fluctuate. That second set could have seen some very big easy wins. Could’ve paid for the air-con now that I think of it like that…. I will take one idea away from it though. Hard work, application, repeated practice and sheer bloody-minded dedication works. There’s no doubt that Murray went into that match as the under-dog. Despite beating his opponent in the Olympics, few would have believed he could carry that off. But his belief in his ability, and belief in himself, carried him through to win in straight sets. It didn’t seem like that in the end, but it was indeed a straight sets win over the world No.1 to win the prize most highly prized by the British tennis-watching public. No pressure then. I can draw some really deep parallels from that. Maybe these 4am starts will be worth it in the end 🙂 


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