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70-246 passed!

July 11, 2013

Got the first of the two exams this morning for my MCSE : Private Cloud! Yeeeeessss!!!!! A quality 892, which I couldn’t believe. A lot of work still to be done to solidify that knowledge, an exam pass is only that, to become truly proficient in a skill requires repetition and practice. No use turning up to job interviews with that MCITP hanging casually off your belt, and then talking about PDC’s and BDC’s, and referring to the ‘Enterprise’ version of Windows as though that was hugely impressive (this actually happened recently…). So yes, practice, going over it all over and over again to reinforce it, diving into the quality blogs to catch up on what caught the industry experts last week, building and breaking it and fixing it again. Please don’t rely on the piece of paper, it ain’t worth squat on it’s own, and you WILL be found out quickly by any IT shop worth it’s salt.

Looking at the 70-247 next week, I’ve actually been studying that one a lot longer so it’s to finish off, and then check and recheck the syllabus, and find the webpages that expand to an infinite depth each subject. I’ve been dreaming about System Center recently, since I’ve been living and breathing it, it makes sense to carry on and finish off while it’s fresh. I really don’t intend to sound like a drama queen, but I wonder if any of the Brits remember those adverts for the IT courses of a week or two that promised a £30k salary. One minute the guys walking down the street emptying bins, he does a weeks course and the following week lives in suburbia with a new car and the sun’s shining. It’s just not that easy. Once upon a time IT salaries were real cream, especially if you could happen on the latest craze at the right time. But now IT is a necessary evil, not a fancy gimmick, and salaries and opportunity are similar to any other work discipline. You get out what you put in.


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