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70-247 passed….

July 19, 2013

Finally. Back in MCSE land, Gen2 if you like. Passed this morning with 850, and I’m SO tired, I would taken any green number. It’s been a really long couple of weeks. Something deep down told me that working extreme hours was a good thing. I’m not sure now. Granted, it’s great to feel like like you’ve climbed a mountain in flip-flops, but it’s Friday, I have the weekend in front of me, and it seems as though my weekend is ruined already. I could sleep through until Monday morning. The exam itself wasn’t too bad with the usual curved ball stuff thrown in. A curved ball for me includes topics such as SharePoint , a topic I’ve never had much time for. But all good, I now have the cert, and just need to keep in with it to boost the knowledge as time goes by.

I suppose the question is : how much is enough? We all complain we don’t have time for this or that. I made time, and worked two hours before getting ready for work, and four or five hours after work, Seven hours a day on average outside of a seven and a half hour shift (no overtime at the moment, that could easily have been classed as another curved ball), that’s a lot of time. I have learned a stack, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s taken it out of me, mentally and physically, from the nervous twitch in my ear that really feels like it’s moving my ear (keep meaning to check in a mirror), to not knowing what day it is, and missing the first two days of the second test match 😦 )

More at a later time, it’s end of shift, Friday night, I’m going for a few beers and seeing how long I last before I drop on the spot.

Have a good weekend all, I’ll be back on Monday with renewed vigour and a new exam plan 🙂


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