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So much for time off…

July 22, 2013

Yes, Saturday night consisted of a barbecue for a former colleague’s birthday. Kept dropping off during the day, I really was tired, got there about 18.00 and had a really good night. Couple of beers with friends and colleagues old and current. Talked shop for too much of the night but good to get a perspective of how everyone’s doing, and more to the point, what they’re doing. Sunday morning, up at 07.30 starting a SQL 2012 course. There were quite a few questions on my exams concerning SQL-related stuff, which surprised me, but it’s been a while since I got really teeth-deep in SQL stuff, so it seemed right to go over the new stuff and make sure I hadn’t lost it.

No rest then, just onwards and into other things. Not sure if just got a healthy appetite for learning, or if I’m becoming obsessed with spending as much time as possible on books and videos. Maybe I need to get some perspective. My little daughter is coming down the country to spend a few days with us so I’m hoping that will take my mind off it for a few days. I should come back stronger with new purpose.


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