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The Old Reader suffers a blow

July 23, 2013

Clicked on the tab in Chrome this morning to try and catch up on some blogs, and disaster! Picture of a cat with the heading ‘Sad News’! Turns out the cat was fine, and clicking on the blog link to find out what was going on…

…it seems that the IT nightmare occurred that we all dread. Multiple failures all at once. Redundant systems are only as redundant as you make them, and if can’t swap the broken stuff out fast enough, the result will be an outage. However. One very important lesson to take away here is the honesty on the site. Count how many users are just grateful for honesty, and a lack of smoke and mirrors. Office365 recently experienced an outage of some considerable extent, and though not personally affected, I needed to keep an eye on this for a customer. A thread in a MS forum provided much better information than the service health indicator, which seemingly never changed status from a green all-good indication. Apparently this was because it wasn’t everyone affected, just a subset. Hmmm. Honesty counts guys, and if a part of the service is known to be down, tell people that. I am of course perfectly happy to wait for the Old Reader service to come back up, and look forward to normal operation once again. I just need more time to read the blogs themselves 🙂


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