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Busy, busy

August 8, 2013

Having finished the Private Cloud MCSE, I’ve been starting on the Desktop Infrastructure cert. This is something I’ve dabbled with plenty in the past as part of work generally, and as a part of other exams and certs. It’s a good idea to give this one some focus, and make sure I’m properly up on it. So lots of reading, videos and labbing on the lappy.

I’ve also had transaction go through for a decent amount of money, so it looks like soon enough, I’ll be able to get the study kitted out for power and cooling. I had a think this morning about having something in the garden to replace the slightly aging summerhouse, but finding something big and strong enough to suffice led me into the realms of £25-30k+! Would definitely be nice to have somewhere to watch the footy, bit of a man cave if you like, but that’s steep. I’ve taken advice and the power should run along the lines of :

1) Seperate ring main

2) Roughly 45A RCD

3) Roughly 5mm cable from consumer unit through to commando plug

Once done, I’ll post pics and more detail, as I reckon this is a bit nitty, gritty of a home lab project, but for now, it’s just good to know that it’s going to go-ahead.

In other news, I’ve been finding it hard to resist browsing through eBay for HP DL580’s. Most are four quad-core CPU’s, so 16 cores in total, with the odd higher end item having six-core procs. 24 cores. For my low-stressed environment, I could host a good 30-35 low power VM’s, in one box. Got to love density, and as always with one larger, higher power box, economies of scale with power should mean it’s little better than for example, three DL380’s. We’ll see, let’s get the room sorted first.

Was about to say I was concerned about Aidan Finn, he posted the other day about something happening, then his site was down altogether. Turns out though it was just a load stability issue, and it’s back up now. I reply on that for a stable and educated view on the latest news on Windows Server, good to see him back blogging.


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