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Let’s talk power…

August 28, 2013

So here is the setup. Plenty of sockets, and check out the two 32A sockets 😉



The longer row is mounted under the desk in the study. Power for this row comes from one of the 32A supplies, the blue cable that runs from the wall-mounted row. Anything going in there is low drain, a hifi, two monitors, the BT Home Hub 2 (version 3 to come, supposedly better wireless signal). Not much, and small stuff. I’ve been looking today at something that will measure the consumption, and to be honest, where I’ve always looked at a UPS, that looks the best option. APC UPSs log the power that’s passed through it over a period as one of its functions, while also smoothing the power to the equipment in the cabinet. They also do an inline power meter that goes in serial to the 32A commando plug, but looking at £250 for one, and if I use both 32As, that’s £500 to tell me what it’s using. Not smart. It’s important to measure the amount of juice used as I want to allow for this separately on the house bills, and I’m guessing there will be an impact on the bill. But….these are training costs in my mind. Think how much a five day course might cost for one technology. You may get a brilliant trainer, you may get a mediocre one. Believe me, when the company is paying the bill, you don’t really get a choice. That 5 day course might not be enough, when I attended the 5 day course for the first admin exam of Lync 2010, I came away feeling it could have been twice as long. For what I pay on electric, I get to learn everything, in my own time, when I want. I think that’s a good deal. We’ll see how the costs come out 🙂

Definite updates when it’s all plumbed in. Not much time this weekend, and I have a tight schedule on some out of hours work in a data centre to be completed by the end of September, which doesn’t leave a lot of time. I’ll learn exactly how much appetite I have for this.


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