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Been busy

December 12, 2013

Not updated this blog in a while again, and apologies for that. I have been picking up new knowledge all the way, having received the Technet Flash email and followed up on : It might seem like a backward step to some, having obtained my MCSE a while back, but having worked through the training videos on MVA, it seems it’s got some focus on the R2 features, of which there are many, many, many. As the exam is free (for me, I got in early enough to register, I make no guarantee to anyone 🙂 ), I thought it worth putting my name down, if for no other reason than making me focus on really getting into the R2 features and nailing them.

On a hardware front, I’ve picked up at last, a couple of 48-port switches, two Netgear GS748T’s. I expect no nod of respect from anyone of a networking background, especially the Cisco guys, but these are fine for me, still no urge to get into the full-on networking side of IT, and these are still GUI-fied but have all the features I reasonably need. I’ve also picked up some more network cards. Having thought about my setup, and the ease with which network teams can now be set up through WS2012/R2, more ports will be better. Not so much to split tasks up, as in the days of old, but to simply aggregate as many 1Gb ports as possible, and then QoS them up. I see no point in going for 10GbE at home, but a good bunch of 1Gb ports should mean I can get some dataflow moving around at a decent pace. I’m also considering putting my FC cards on eBay. Originally, the plan was to run a FC storage backend, but due to relative cost, and the ease with which storage can be set up on WS2012 and R2, I’m going to dump these I think. Great cards, some of them new, 4Gb QLogic, but I just don’t think I’m going to use them. There’s a few so the cash from these could go towards an MSA shelf of some flavour to hook up to a DL380 G5 via a P800 controller card.

I really have struggled for time recently, been off down the country at least a week for an out-of-hours project and been getting back home at a daft hour, which has left me pretty drained by the weekend. Giving myself a few weeks off that until after Crimbo I think, and that should recharge the batteries, enough to give me some ‘go’ at the weekend. So I’m intending to start building my stuff, ideally at a rate of one box per night. This may or may not happen, but I shall update this blog more regularly with the updates, and I suppose most importantly, with the things that caught me out/I forgot/just plain stumped me.


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