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Windows Server Technical Preview on Gen 8 Microservers

October 13, 2014

Consider this a retweet or something similar, but it came up in my Old Reader RSS feed list, and I thought it quite pertinent to my general content.

It’s actually another issue where the network card driver is really important, a colleague and I found an issue a while back where a server properly refused to talk properly to the network due to the driver applied to the network card on a new build. It wasn’t of our doing originally, we first got hold of the issue long after chins had been scratched and brows furrowed, but it was a strange one to undo, we didn’t for a moment think a new build could go out without correct and current firmware and drivers and it never crossed our minds to check until we’d exhausted most avenues….

I do tend to drive others mad with my obsession with drivers and firmware, but I find it an important part of really solid and proper server build. I can’t even run test VM’s on my Win8.1 client Hyper-V without having them patched up-to-date. Hardware and software manufacturers don’t release these things for fun, and granted, in a production environment, testing is key, if you’re lucky enough to have resources to do that, but these things should be kept up to date in a structured and managed manner 🙂


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