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The Changing IT Landscape

November 26, 2014

I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking, and doubtless others have spoken about the same thing. IT is in itself a fast moving beast and we all know this. I’ve traditionally been what I consider Microsoft-centric. I sing the ‘everything is awesome’ song to myself each and every morning on the way to work. However, even just over the past 6 months perhaps, I’ve found myself irresistibly drawn towards new and exciting ways of doing things.

I find myself reading about Docker, and Chef, and other such technologies that seem really new (although they probably aren’t, I just haven’t been reading the right blogs). It’s interesting that building a VM in Azure now has the option to bake in an Octopus agent (hilariously termed a tentacle), and a Chef agent. Microsoft appears to be embracing these technologies more and more, HDInsight pulls in Hadoop, for example. DevOps seems to be all anyone talks about now, and I reckon to have a good spin on what it is, but what it means TO ME is that I should be getting more involved with the dev side, something that turns me white. It’s not that I don’t like the pasty faced hermits (lol), it’s just I’m not a coder and don’t walk in that world of thinking. Is it going to be as easy as people say? Do these two worlds comfortably combine in a happy, smiley way? Another change of thinking.

When Microsoft themselves are using third-party, and often Open Source technologies, it feels as though I’m going through a shift. Perhaps the days of being a Microsoft guy are fading, and it’s time to embrace a new way of thinking. The business has always termed our department ‘platform’, which I was never keen on but that might be a better description now than when it was thought up.

So the IT landscape is still a changing one, but it’s not only getting faster with accelerating Microsoft releases, the mindset required to succeed is evolving just as fast.


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